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Good Medicine with Leeanne Melendez 12 02 2011
December 18, 2011 10:11 PM PST
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Dr. Katrina Miller hosts Leeanne Melendez of the band, No Shoulder and her BF, Jason - the videographer for a discussion of improvement of speech impediments and potential autism spectrum issues through music. No Shoulder is a new band that you should check out through Facebook or their website, www.noshoulder.net. Also discussion of abortion clinics, avoiding electrocution during inclement weather and the closing of Cedar's Sinai psychiatric services.

Good Medicine on www.intraffikradio.com and intraffik in the eclectic folder on iTunes.

Good medicine 01/17/11
January 18, 2011 03:40 PM PST
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On this episode of Good Medicine Dr K talks about vitamins and pays tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King.

Good Medicine 01/10/11
January 10, 2011 11:37 PM PST
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On this episode of Good Medicine along with playing great music Dr. K talked about breast cancer,circumcision, and drinking alcohol associated with obesity. Make sure you tune in next week 01/17/11 at 7 Pm PST on www.InTraffikRadio.com . The Doc will be talking about vitamins. If you have any questions feel free to call 213-484-6639 or email your questions to Katrina@InTraffik.com

Good Medicine 01/03/11 Dr.K- Happy New Year!
January 03, 2011 09:35 PM PST
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Dr. K and engineer, Adrian create a show for you about New Year's Resolutions, the value of volunteering, new cancer detection testing and the benefit of dark chocolate. YUM!!! Music by Orb, Daft Punk, Chase Frank, Shiloe, and Heavy Metal Water Experiments. Sweet music for a sweet day.
Happy 2011 from Dr. K!

Good Medicine 12/27/10 Dr.K on Holiday Prevention
December 28, 2010 09:57 PM PST
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Happy Holidays and Happy New Year. Dr. K speaks about preventing Holiday accidents by taking care with drinking and driving, addiction and relapse and psychological diagnosis exacerbations over the holidays. Know the concerns and help your friends and family be safe! A new European drug may curb drinking instead of stopping it. Who but the Europeans would figure that out?
Theme of songs tonight- of course- "New": "The New Mary Jane" to "New Year's"- Beatles to UNKLE to Polyphonic Spree.
be safe during the holidays!
And keep listening to Good Medicine with Dr. K on www.intraffikradio.com, Mondays 7-8 pm PST

Good Medicine 12/12/2010 Holiday Family Show
December 13, 2010 08:59 PM PST
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Join Dr. K, and her cousins, Peter and Mo Olson talk about the US and International Sex Trade, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Traveler's Health and the curious study on how thinking about food can improve your likelihood of NOT eating it. HA. That's a joke. 100% of us three think about food and then EAT IT! Music ranges from Beatles to John Cody, Braingarden to It's a Beautiful Day. As always, you can be a part of the live stream Mondays 7-8 pm on www.intraffikradio.com at 213-484-6639.
Love and Happiness,
Dr. K

Good Medicine 11/29/10 with Dr. K and Jennifer
November 29, 2010 09:17 PM PST
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This week's show is replete with exciting topics from Gonorrhea, Chlamyidia and Syphilis to HIV prevention drugs, smoking cessation and hypnotherapy... Dr. K gives the striaght talk and Jennifer provides her experience- what worked and what didn't and her criteria for a date. (Call 213-484-6639 if you fulfill...)
Music selections include songs and artists with "Broke", "Broken", "Break" or "Brokaw" from Breach, Sia, C.R.A.F.T Club, Doves, Fire Bug and White Stripes.
Adrian Nistor joins us as engineer will hopefully join us again. Thanks Adrian!
Cheers and Good Health!
-Dr. K

Good Medicine 11/15/10
November 15, 2010 09:55 PM PST
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Hey there- Good Medicine tonight brings you soul songs- songs and artists with soul in them- Beck, Soul Coughing, Doves, Bowie, Renegade Souls etc.
Topics tonight include question from audience- induced hypothermia after cardiac arrest- are we giving up too soon? Women under stress- a higher likelihood of heart attack and stroke and check out the new pics on cigarette packs. You're gonna love the new look!
As always your questions answered live at 213-484-6639 by Dr. Katrina Miller (Dr. K) Family Physician in Los Angeles.
Health and Happiness
-Dr. K

Good Medicine 11/08/10
November 08, 2010 08:52 PM PST
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Dr. K discusses electronic health records: how much of your information do you want out there and where? how? Wanna chip in your arm? Also STD tests over the counter at Rite Aid, VapoRub is good for kids, CT scanning may save lives of smokers and ex- smokers as a screen for lung cancer....Music from Casxio, Beatles, Treiops Treyfid, Daft Punk, Secret Alphabet, Manhattan Murder Mystery and more.
See A Perfect Circle at the Avalon tonight and for the next 3 nights!!
Peace and Love,
Dr. K

Good Medicine 10/25/10
October 25, 2010 09:13 PM PDT
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Dr. K chitchats about Flu and Tetanus Vaccines, Acne, Colon Cancer prevention and more. Music from The Capshuns, Heavy Metal Water Experiments, Breach, Cherub, and a cap on the end with Iggy Pop. Health and medical news, your questions and a heavy rock/electronic musical environment for your listening plaisir.
Love and Health,
Dr. K

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